Our standard business conditions are valid for all orders are accepted through the placement of any order.
All our articles are subject to strict quality control. There is a warranty of 24 months for any defect. The warranty claim is lost however through alteration made to the product other than through our works and through incorrect usage (other than described in the Kleinbahn operating instructions.
Transformers, locomotives and turntables are excluded from exchange.
Complaints can only be accepted within eight days of receipt of the goods. Any damages caused through the postal or rail services must be reported immediately on receiving the goods.
Alterations and a change in the mode of delivery of the catalogue products remain at the discretion of Kleinbahn.
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of electrical and mechanical data, the measurements of the products or for printing mistakes.

The order will only be accepted under the condition that we ourselves receive our products correctly and punctually and are not liable for any problems in availability. Damages are only accepted in the case of negligence or through deliberate misconduct. In the case of unavailability you will be informed immediately.
KLEINBAHN is only responsible for delivery of the goods up until the point of time, when the goods are taken into the hands of the delivery service. For the length of time of delivery KLEINBAHN is no longer responsible. Complaints must be directed to the delivery service.
All delivered goods remain the property of KLEINBAHN until full payment has been received. Orders from customers under 18 years old require the signature of the legal custodian.
It is within our rights to change products and delivery conditions.
Individual components on request.

Our stores only accept cash payment.
In the case of postal delivery payment can be made on delivery within Austria ("Nachnahme") or through pre-payment in Austria and the rest of the world.
The postal and packaging charges are invoiced separately and depend on the weight and the mode of transport.
For customers outside of Austria, the EU and Switzerland € 3.50 will be charged in the case of bank transfers to cover additional bank service costs. These are not displayed separately on the invoice.
Every online order through our web shop is subject to a EUR 3.00 service / packaging charge, which will be added to the postal charges of the Austrian post ("Österreichischen Post AG"). These also are not displayed separately on the invoice.
Telephone and postal orders are subject to a service / packaging charge of EUR 3.00 on account of the more complex processing procedures.
Bank transfers are accepted only according to the standard EU bank transfer procedures by means of IBAN and BIC. In the case of other forms of transfer we must charge a supplement of a minimum of € 10.00 for additional banking service costs.
On account of the additional costs we are unable to accept freight collect packages. The postage for any returns is to be pre-paid by the customer. On the acceptance of the return the postal costs will be reimbursed.
Orders for products from the company Uhlenbrock will only be commissioned from the manufacturer after we have received your deposit.

KLEINBAHN attaches great importance to the security of your personal data. Your personal data will be handled confidentially under the valid data protection laws. Your data will neither be made public not given to a third party.

You are able to visit our web site without leaving personal data. Any information involved with the usage of the KLEINBAHN web site will be stored anonymously. Recourse to the person is not possible. Personal data are only collated when you make these available e.g. through an order form. We treat your data with the greatest responsibility in accordance to legal requirements.

KLEINBAHN collects, processes and uses the personal data you send us only in as far as this is necessary for the fulfilment of enquiries or orders. Under certain circumstances it is necessary for various departments within KLEINBAHN to have access to your data. Your data will not be passed to a third party unless KLEINBAHN be required to do so through legal obligations or with your specific permission. We would like to draw upon your personal data (e.g. name, address and e-mail address) to occasionally inform you of our products, services and new introductions. This is subject to your objection. You can stop this communication both now and at any time in the future.

Cookies serve to simplify the usage of internet and online communication. They are small text files, which our website sends to your browser to be temporarily filed there. A cookie only contains data which a server issues and/or the user supplies on request. They solely contain technical information, no personal data. Their exclusive purpose is to optimally coordinate our offer with your wishes and to make your surfing on our site as comfortable as possible. If you so desire, you can generally suppress the filing of cookies through your web browser. You can also decide whether you wish to choose to file or not individually. A rejection of cookies can result however that some pages cannot be displayed correctly.

Through the use of our internet pages you accept the aforementioned storage and usage of your personal data. Through entering your personal data you accept the described processing and usage of the data.

As a matter of course we are happy to inform you about the usage of the personal data with which you have entrusted us. You have a right of information concerning this data as you have a right to correct false information, block the usage of data or to have it deleted. You can also withdraw permission for your data to be used for promotional purposes at any time (

This data protection declaration only has validity for the KLEINBAHN web site. We have no influence over the composition or content of web sites which have been connected to our site through so called links and we cannot control how the operators of these linked web sites handle your information.

All texts, pictures and otherwise published material with the exception of those signified are protected by copyright. It is forbidden to reproduce in whole or in part in any medium without prior written permission from KLEINBAHN, Mechanische Werkstätte, Spielwarenerzeugung, Ing. Erich Klein e.U..
The KLEINBAHN logo is a registered trademark of KLEINBAHN, Mechanische Werkstätte, Spielwarenerzeugung, Ing. Erich Klein e.U..
It is possible that some of the products offered in text or picture are no longer part of the active product line and can no longer be supplied by our works. We reserve the rights concerning changes to and availability of the products presented. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of electrical and mechanical data or the measurements of the products. The illustrations represent in part hand samples or prototype photographs. Details can be altered in the illustrated models through series production. Further information is available from our stores or directly from our factory.