…on our way into the digital age!

Since the Model Trade Fair in 2010 KLEINBAHN has been active in the area of digital model railways, whereby in the future all models will be suitable for analogue operation.

In the course of digitalisation several positive changes were introduced e.g. LED lighting, re and white alternating lights in a forward direction (5047, 1020) and compatibility of the analogue models (interface with KLEINBAHN connector plug)

We were able to realise our plans with the company Uhlenbrock, a well-known name in the world of digital railways. You can order the entire Uhlenbrock product range through KLEINBAHN.

The decoder built into our models is a further development of the Deluxe-Decoder. Even in the basic version this has many additional functions and will certainly bring you more pleasure.


DIGITAL / DECODER / Funktions / D

• Decoder for multiple protocols with load regulation DCC and Motorola
• Suitable for direct current and Glockenanker motor
• Smooth engine running through motor control
• 14, 27, 28 or 128 speed control steps , dependent on the format
• Short (1-127) and long (128-9999) addresses
• Minimal, maximal und medium speeds can be programmed
• Speed control table for 14 and 28 speed control steps
• Main lines programmable in DCC format
• Through pressing key F3 the speed can be reduced by half
• Key F4 allows the engine to gradually gain or reduce speed
• Key FO allows the engine’s lights to be turned on, off or to be dimmed
•There are 2 additional special functions with dimming functions F1: switches the rear red light on and off (if featured on the model) F2: ready for programming
• Sound interface SUSI included (4 pole mini boxes) for the connection of sound modules or other modules for the control of additional functions (F1 - F12)
• Address identification for the control of LISSY Mini-transmission module 68 400
• Reacts to DCC conform braking signals and braking tracks with direct current
• Protected against overheating and short circuiting
• Automatic switching for Alternating Current and Direct Current
• Digital equipment of DCC and Motorola format can programme the CVs
• Update possibility with Flash- Memory



• Locomotives are ready for usage with a decoder
• With a connector plug from KLEINBAHN analogue usage is also possible



Remove the connector plug from the locomotive and insert the interface plug of the decoder into the free socket. Should the lights function in the false directions the socket must be re-inserted at 180 degrees.


IMPORTANT / digital / analogue

• Determine the type and current strength of the electrical power from the plate on the transformer.
• (= Direct current / ~ Alternating current)
• Your model railway must under no circumstances be connected to the AC side of the transformer!
• A short circuit in the locomotive can destroy all the electronics in both the locomotive and the decoder.
• KLEINBAHN can only accept products which have been altered or manipulated by the customers themselves as returns under certain circumstances.
• These can only be repaired at the risk and cost of the customer.
• The wheels of all vehicles and the tracks must be kept clean.
• It is not recommended to place tracks on carpets. With the model on a clean surface you can avoid complications and minimise maintenance.
• The ball bearings and the cogs of the locomotives in the axles should be oiled from time to time – rather less oil than too much! (# 490)
• The running surfaces of the wheels must not be oiled.
• Locomotives should never be pushed as the cogs through which the wheels are driven will be broken.



Every module is tested for complete functionality before delivery. Should a flaw appear within the guarantee period of 2 years the module will be repaired free of cost on presentation of the original sales receipt. The guarantee loses validity in the case of
You can receive more information under the link www.uhlenbrock.de on our opening page



Analogue models cannot be later digitalised in our factory
We are not able to offer conversion kits